Welcome to the Leicester Centre for Creative Writing at De Montfort University! On this website you can find out more about who we are, what we do, and how to get involved in our work.


It’s All About Writing

The Centre for Creative Writing at De Montfort University exists to promote writing in all forms and genres. We are equally happy when we are getting down-and-dirty with genre fiction, when we are donning cardboard rabbit-ears for children’s book performances, and when we are wrestling with the strangest of poetic forms. We care about writing, and we want you to care about writing as well.


A Community of Writers

The Leicester Centre for Creative Writing is a community for writers at all levels. We are a miscellaneous bunch: eschewing any kind of house style, we believe that often the most interesting things can happen in the meetings between different writers, genres and forms. The community is loose-knit. Based amongst the flourishing community of staff and student writers at DMU, we also have links locally, nationally and internationally.


Teaching, Study and Research

Because we are enthusiastic about writing, we care about teaching and about communicating this enthusiasm to others. Because there is always more to learn, all of us are engaged in studying creative writing. And because we are interested in taking things apart to see how they work, and in thinking in new and creative ways about what it means to write creatively, we are also interested in research.

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